Sunday, May 24, 2009

1.2 Essay

Here you Ms, better late than never.
ill hand my mean creek essays to you on paper
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1.2 essay: Social networking site are a danger to New Zealand kids?

To the editor,

I am writing to you in response to an article ran in your newspaper recently “Social networking site are a danger to New Zealand kids”. It is my felling towards this article that it was under researched and written from the point of view of someone who was technologically illiterate. Because of this article it is my fear that many New Zealanders will get the wrong impression of social networking sites, and because of this fear I have taken the liberty to write a few paragraphs on the pros for social networking websites on the subjects of: Communication and Politics.

Communication, because of social networking website people all over the world are able to connect, so in a world where its difficult already to keep in touch with loved ones overseas because of the cost of the call social networking site are connecting them. It’s as simple as an email address, to join facebook the only thing you need is a name and an email address, and you’re on away. Even better if your friend has an email and is facebook member, when you join it automatically searches for them. facebook and myspace are free to join and free to use. It is a common misconception that the only people who use these websites fit into the age bracket of 15 to 30 yr olds, however people who fit 60+ groups are one of facebooks biggest user groups. And this makes sense these websites give those who can’t get out and talk to each the opportunity to talk. Although your article topic was about kids and the supposedly danger these sites pose to them I feel it is necessary to talk about the positive parts of these sites. It is my feeling that because most people only use these sites to get in touch with lost friends or relatives living overseas the motive to abuse is low. Also because there are a number of older people on these sites the motive again is low.

Politics in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections they had a 21% increase in voters, it was also the year the most people who fit into the voting age bracket 18-25 yr olds voted. It’s my belief that the reason for this sudden increase in voting was because the democrat candidate Barak Obama had a facebook. By creating a facebook page Obama put him self in touch with the young votes. The young voters were able to ask him questions and get the answers in a format hey understand. Also in New Zealand most of our political party’s have a facebook page. Its seems unlikely that those who seek to abuse these websites would try anything with such an obvious political presence.

I will accept that there are dangers to joining these sites. One of the biggest issues is fraud but this does not only apply to the Internet it’s a worldwide issue. Online when your using these sites you have to be careful. The ways to avoid getting burned online are: only accept people you know as friends, Never give personal information away and if your page is on public view change it to privet view (this means you have to accept the person before they can visit your page).

By Kate Mason

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  1. Not Achieved. You have drifted away from the question Kate! This should be discussing whether these sites are safe or not! Have another go and I will re-mark.